Sa, 18.05.


-cumbia one man band from Argentina-
Straight from Buenos Aires to Kreuzlingen- Rolando Bruno will Finally be back at Horstklub!
Put on your dancing shoes ang get ready for the cumbia-trash-Dance-Party of the Year!
5 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
DO, 23.05.

Koala Disco(BEL)

We are Koala Disco. A five piece Post-punk band from Antwerp, Belgium. We gladly welcome you to our wacky world of nonsense, fluctuating emotions and uncontrolled chaos. We tell whimsical stories from undying dogs that venture to far off planets to find a place to die, to lobsters with mommy-issues. All nonsensical it seems, but not really. The sound’s heavily influenced by contemporary Psych and heroes from the 80s like Byrne and Bowie, but don’t get too hung up on genres or influences. It’s simultaneously a bit of everything and a bit of nothing.
5 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 00:00
FR, 24.05.


"TVOD (Television Overdose) are elbowing their way out of Brooklyn’s young and burgeoning post-punk scene and into the spotlight, expressive and raw in both stage presence and sonic output. Balancing reflective lyrics with rowdy live energy, TVOD embody the true ethos of punk rock, and never fails to open up a good pit" —Anna Zanes ~Alternative Press~
5 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
DO, 30.05.


2 xxx hardcore punk in ur face!! get ready for.
PUFFER (CA) - catchy hc-punk from Montreal Canada
SICKBOYZ (DE) - harcorepunk meets posthardcore rocknrolll from KARLSRUHE
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 00:00
Fr, 31.05.

Forest Ray(USA)
The Roaring 420s(DE)

Forest Ray is a psychedelic rock project whose dedication to analog recording has harbored a darker, older and more intimate sound. Forest Ray's music combines guitar driven psychedelic rock with tinges of raw synth-laced post-punk, Tropicalia flute and uninhibited performances that embody the garage punk aesthetic that fueled the group’s creation Blending surf rock and late 60s pre-Punk into Eastern psychedelia The Roaring 420s from Dresden, Germany, rather sound like an obscure little gem discovered at a garage sale in California.
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
MI, 19.06.

Venin Carmin(FRA)

Venin Carmin was breed with the best of the 80’s underground but never hid it’s love for pop. Venin Carmin shows a rough Schwarzpop, a true Coldpunk, like would do a depressive Cindy Lauper or a suicidal Madonna.
The evil is born in Lula’s mind, and now, Venin Carmin is a duo, with Valentine : queen of machines.
Those girls are fierce. The two headed monster has already toured in Europe (and even further since they toured in Japan, at their very beginning in 2017). They opened for many famous band from the dark scene (such as Boy Harsher, Soft Kill, She past away, Rendez-vous, Belgrado).
Venin Carmin, is an insanely addictive (poisoned) candy.
5 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 00:00
FR, 21.06.

Doc Flippers(DE)
Egg Idiot(DE)

Already looking forward for this night!
our hard rockin friends from ex DDR will give us a night full of pleasure with their lovely wild weird musicccc
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
FR, 28.06.

Dick Move(AUS)

Party-punk agitators Dick Move formed in the depths of Karangahape Road’s Whammy Bar in 2019 and have since become an essential voice for all those that are fired up to make change in the world. Wet is the band's second studio release and contains 13 confronting and empowering tracks, taking aim at society’s most pernicious elements, from landlords and social media fuckos, to the harsh realities of neo-liberalism and capitalistic competition. Throw in a couple of party tunes and love songs paired with catchy riffs and riotous hooks to complete the full-noise collection of shared experiences in the modern age."
5 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00

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