Fr, 19.04.

Holiday Wasteland(CH)

the new star on the egg post punk sky!!! from chicagoooo. fast fast fast repetitive aggressive brilliant. YES there is definitely some uranium club in here but it is much more than that!! Noisym experimental and more post punky passages and songs make this band especially good. variety wins! check it & DONT MISS!

Holiday Wasteland (CH)
fairly new project hailing outta winti. dedicated to the classic hardcore punk era. lez roooooockk!!
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
SA, 20.04.

Trois Imaginaires(CH)
Hot Couture(DE)
Dona Casque(FRA)

Die Musik von Trois Imaginaires ist eine Mischung von Punk Riffs und schwebenden Balladen. Ein bisschen wie wenn Kurt Cobain Louis Amstrong isst oder Frank Zappa sich mit Marilyn Monroe küsst... Ok, vielleicht gehen wir ein bisschen zu weit mit den Metaphern. Es ist die Erzählung einer Geschichte: mit ihrem Intro, Höhepunkt und manchmal auch ihren Credits am Ende. Die Kompositionen sind vor allem von der Pop-Kultur inspiriert, aber hinter dem, was man als Fiktion und Unwirklichkeit sehen kann, versteckt sich auch immer eine menschliche Wahrheit.
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
Fr, 26.04.


++++ THE SPITTERS ++++
"The Spitters" are a French garage-rock-roll band who will be offering us their new record Kitty Brain live and in person at Horst Klub. Their influences are diverse and range from The Hives, The Undertones and The Briefs to The Beatles. They have been uncompromisingly turning concert halls in France and Europe upside down for several years now. The quartet from Toulon has a habit of taking over the stage to create an energetic and festive atmosphere at every event. In short, the perfect band to kick off your weekend!

++++ THE GERMANS ++++
“The Germans” are an alternative artrock project from Belgium. Following the extravaganza of their previous album ‘Sexuality’, which is to be fair one of the craziest albums to have witnessed live. The Germans set sail on a transformative quest in search of peace and quiet. Withdrawn to the countryside, unaffected by the spirit of the times, the Belgian ensemble managed to create a unique and fascinating new opus, ‘Spirituality’. Guided by maverick producer Micha Volders, The Germans meticulously craft a delicate sonic landscape through the use of classical guitar, early digital synths, percussion, prepared piano, and the addition of Rozanne Descheemaeker’s beautiful French horn arrangements. Quite artistic and a little bit nuts!
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
MI, 01.05.

pretty lightning (De)

Two Bands from FUZZ CLUB: Show starts on time at 9:30 pm
Los Palms:
Five Piece Romantic Desert Jangle band from Adelaide, Australia
Influences all the way from 60s Peruvian bands like Los Saicos, Los Destellos & Los Holy’s to modern Californian sweethearts Allah-Las & LA dirt shredders Night Beats.

Pretty Lightning:
Two guys from Saarbrücken: Western, desert blues, dusty psychedelic vibes, cool beats and trippy meanderings: fantastic music to lose yourself in colorful landscapes in your mind
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 00:00
FR, 03.05.


mutated synth-punk trio from Newcastle/Australia wITthOut GuiTaR whAT????!! incredible catchy, sometimes bedroom, always lofi stuff. get eady to duuuuunce!!!

based in London, England, the "MOTÖRHEAD of POWERPOP" are here. whirlwind high energy rocknroll feeding 60s garage through a punk blender. definitely getting it right!

THE primitive, decadent and dead rock'n'roll one man band. Tequila Salvate yells his passions for burritos, the living dead and monsters with such pure energy as could be found in a long forgotten tomb or in the wild 60’s. From Nancy, France. Check:
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
Sa, 04.05.


++++ KGW ++++
Der Vierer aus Konstanz macht seit 2018 melodiösen und gut in die Beine gehenden Punkrock mit deutschen, gesellschaftskritischen Texten, treibender Rhythmus-Fraktion und leichtem Hang zur Melancholie. In Reviews wurden Ähnlichkeiten zu Lügen, Todeskommando Atomsturm oder auch den Wipers herausgehört.
++++ HONT ++++
HONT existieren seit 2022 und sind eine drei Personen Punk/Hardcore Band aus Düsseldorf, die klingen wie Duesenjaeger, nachdem der Schleudersitz betätigt wurde. Steigt ein, denn der Gute-Laune-Dampfer legt ab, um anschließend mitten auf dem See versenkt zu werden.
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
DO, 09.05.

Hot Garbage(CAN)

From Toronto, Canada - HOT GARBAGE - a mystical trance!!! Psychedelic fuzzed-out guitars, reverbed vocals with some post-punk and krautrock!!! Hypnotic!
Opening track "Snooze You Lose" from Hot Garbage's new album "Precious Dream" (January 19, 2024 via Mothland & Exag' Records) packs an explosive punch, flying through two minutes of maniacal laughter, savvy punk riffs and a hefty dose of Graham Walsh's (Holy Fuck, No Joy, !!!, etc.) signature weird production.

FONCEDALLE is a trio that burns, a band amplified at high volume, a warm wave of acid guitars fuelled by addictive bass and electronic beats
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 00:00
Sa, 11.05.

Pam Risourie(FRA)

Pam Risourie – shoegazers from Paris! Following three EPs, somewhere between dream pop, slowcore and post-rock, Pam Risourié have now released their first debut album Days Of Distortion and it’s beautiful! The first LP was recorded in Normandy by the band You Said Strange, mixed and produced by Lucas Ramos at OneTwoPassIt Studios (Guts, Frustration) and mastered by Simon Scott (Slowdive).
Little Love play joyful melodies for those in need of solace and melancholic tunes for those celebrating life's complexities. Their music glides over the borderlands of pop and electronic music, uniting resonant bass rhythms with delicately entrancing synthesizer melodies.
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
DO, 16.05.


finally we have the DEAD FINKS at the club together with puerto rican rockers $E VENDE RINCON. the finks gonna release a album on longtime companion URGE Records on april 30th.
"This third full-length offering from Dead Finks finds the rootlessly recalcitrant rockers several winters into their Berlin years and fittingly warped by it. Their last record, “The Death & Resurrection Of Johnathan Cowboy” was patched in from the wet hot Sydney practice rooms of their previous pitstop, while “Eve of Ascension” sees the group - founded and maintained by New Zealanders Joseph Thomas and Erin Violet - pull two new members from the local underground to plumb darker depths, eight cold eyes to the steel grey sky. The Finks Method endures, paying big dividends to swivel-eyed shareholders in one loud hail of thick and grungified Swell Mapsian strangeness. Antipodeans let loose on the death strip: some terse, sinewy riffs suggest Hüsker Dü or Superchunk tweaking through a Berlin winter. Other lighter moments recall anxious echoes of the Dunedin sound poking for too long at the wrong hole: electrocuted but still smiling. “Eve of Ascension” is a prelapsarian nine-track survey of suffering shot through with anxious belligerence. Thomas’ paranoid chants ring out with sputtering non-defeat, woozy caterwauling harmonies go toe-to-toe against insistently sclerotic drumming. Lyrics guide us down nightmare alleys: preoccupied with botched surgery: from sliced eyes to the evil needle, songs calmly count the exploitable products of the earth: ash and oil, human body parts in bags, via intricately caustic post-punk paeans to jumpy stumps and spineless piss-pigs. Dead Finks continue to excel in narrating the uncanny not-yet, stuck in our black night of now, right before the moment of something glorious, or something much, much worse. Whatever is coming, it might just change everything."
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.21:30 00:00
Sa, 18.05.


-cumbia one man band from Argentina-
Straight from Buenos Aires to Kreuzlingen- Rolando Bruno will Finally be back at Horstklub!
Put on your dancing shoes ang get ready for the cumbia-trash-Dance-Party of the Year!
5 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 10 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00
Sa, 31.05.

Forest Ray(USA)
The Roaring 420s(DE)

Forest Ray is a psychedelic rock project whose dedication to analog recording has harbored a darker, older and more intimate sound. Forest Ray's music combines guitar driven psychedelic rock with tinges of raw synth-laced post-punk, Tropicalia flute and uninhibited performances that embody the garage punk aesthetic that fueled the group’s creation Blending surf rock and late 60s pre-Punk into Eastern psychedelia The Roaring 420s from Dresden, Germany, rather sound like an obscure little gem discovered at a garage sale in California.
10 €/CHF bis 21 Uhr danach 15 €/CHF
20:00 ca.22:00 01:00

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